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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Charlton 0 QPR 1

Normally speaking, tears are the picture of unhappiness, the sound of frustration is the screaming of the cat after you've kicked him and the sign of broken dreams is the lifting of a glass.
But after yesterday's horror show the end result of all these feelings was the booing directed at the team at the end of a dismal game and yet another defeat.
Pardew had plenty to say after the game, perhaps too much, in fact. Because with a handful of exceptions it was his team on the field and accusations of ineptness are not going to solve the problem, or make the answer easier to find. The booing of a team is a fans justified response to an inept performance that wasn't good enough, but the managers job is to show a positive sign of strength in front of the cameras, whatever is said behind doors.
Whatever, to wet the appetite the telegraph offers a small screen-full, thankfully hidden well away, although as ex-Premiership fodder we appear first in their fizzies round-up. And there's perhaps a telling quote from Mick Harford, "There's a lot of uncertainty at the football club, but the players have responded magnificently and I take my hat off to them."
The posh_murdoch also chooses to concentrate on the visitors and shows its colours by criticizing Pards for his anti-ref comments re Tuesday. But more tellingly, it's probably the first report this season that fails to mention Andy Reid. However, once again their player scores appear distinctly strange. Everyone gets a 6 with the exception of ZiZi with a 7. Not really a sign of ineptness there. But as for their MOM, and you can't say I didn't warn you Pards, it was striker QPR Rowan Vine.
And another player in Pardew's bad books if definitely QPR goalkeeper Lee Camp. As mentioned yesterday he it was that was the cause of another three game losing streak back in Pardew's West Ham days when he was in goal for Derby a couple of years ago. A 1-2 home defeat followed. Perhaps we should sign him up before the return in West London.
And if you want to read more about chances squandered then its on sportinglife and among the stats are recorded the rather high number of 21 fouls by QPR as against the 9 by Wolves scored last weekend, when we were allegedly 'roughed-up'. More shades of inconsistent refereeing, perhaps, although obviously this week Pardew's mind was elsewhere.

But if you want to read something that makes you feel a bit better, then its top marks this week to the guardian-cum-observer which does at least give the first half to the Addicks and thankfully takes our mind off football for a few minutes by relating the racy behind-the scenes goings-on at Lotus Road. As for the Addicks, we're apparently, to put it simply, on "a veritable slide", whatever that is, and Pards oddly enough "was troubled by his side's defending." And seems we had 15 goal attempts with 10 on target. Perhaps in hindsight we should be pointing the finger more at the strikers rather than the defenders and as someone mentioned last week, where the hell are Mendonca and Hunt?

But speaking of pointing the finger, perhaps its our own Pards' that should be keeping his mouth shut, as it would appear pretty obvious that it was his own "ineptness" that lead to Semedo being taken off, thus leaving inviting, gaping holes in front of the defence.

And to cap it all Reid is booked, late-on, for dissent. Do memories of Murphy appear as two years ago he struggled to cope with the responsibility of being midfield general and was eventually dismissed against the Arse never to appear again...? Lets hope not. Perhaps Pardew's first real error of the campaign was in playing Reid against Wolves last weekend when a break was what he obviously needed after ankle knocks and the disappointment of international defeat for the Irish.

The Addicks: Weaver; Mills, Sodje, Fortune, Basey; Sam (Racon 85), Semedo (J Thomas 46), Zheng, Reid; Varney, Iwelumo (McLeod 69).
Subs (not used): Randolph, Bougherra.
Booked: Sam 81 (foul on Ephraim), Reid 87 (dissent)

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Wyn Grant said...

I thought that the remarks about Pards in the Sunday Times were rather silly to say the least. It's all very well banging on about respect to referees, but they have to earn that respect or at least not destroy it by their actions.