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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tired Psychological Problems

There's another fizzy pop sacking in the news today and it affects Pardews' old mate, and assistant manager at Upton Park, Peter Grant, at Norwich. Phil Parkinson may be uneasy by the news but Pards will be more concerned about the pressure and building workload on his players than changing assistants.
Fresh from denying ZiZi a trip home to play in the World Cup, he's obviously worried about the fitness levels of skipper Andy Reid, who carrying the burden of Ireland seemingly alone, always returns from international duty dead beat. And not surprisingly. Anyone who saw his determined, give-it-all performance against the Czechs last time out, and read his latest interview, will understand exactly why Pards rested him, for the first half anyway, when he returned for the game against against Colchester.
Shame then that Reidie will apparently not be helped in the Irish midfield by the aptly-named Stephen Ireland who will again be absence but not this time because his granny has died.
Psychological problems, however, don't seem to be affecting our loan players as highlighted by chicagoaddick. Its even been rumoured that some of the Big Boys have been taking an interest in our young midfielder Josh Wright. Don't take any notice Josh, your place is with us, well Barnet actually.
It seems that the grass is always greener in every prospective job and even in F1 the soon-to-be ex-champion Fernando Alonso complains to all that will listen that there is a life after McLaren and goes on to list all the ex-McLaren drivers that he has talked too just to convince himself.
But just to illustrate to Josh exactly where his best place is, its obvious that the better-life over the horizon policy doesn't apply to ex-Charlton players. You only have to take a look at the Premier table and notice that the team with the most ex-Addicks, Fulham, is lying an uncomfortable 18th.
Yes, the team of Murphy ( who hasn't started a single game yet), Konchesky and Smertin are not doing too well at the moment and their ranks also contain Clinton Dempsey, whose club New England Revolution was offered $1.5 million by the Addicks in August 2006 but that deal was rejected by MLS as obviously being far too low, before unluckily for him, he finally moved to Fulham for $4m a few months later.

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