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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Or should it read eyes, lies and illusions? Anyway, there's not much else to occupy ourselves with on the last day of the week before a weekend void of football, sorry, void of club football. 'Cause these internationals are OK but if our boys ain't playing its all a bit boring isn't it? England on a plastic pitch, I don't think I'm going to bother. And looks like we won't even be able to enjoy the silky skills of Reidie in a green shirt as he's saving himself for the Wolves game next weekend. Well, there's always the rugby, I suppose.
But meanwhile we can all enjoy ourselves looking at the League table. No, we're not top just yet but it's always best going into the final bend on the shoulder of the leader, and the final bend is months away and lots of things are gonna happen in the next 7 months and nobody's going to lead the table from September till May. So there.
But at the moment Watford are the bees knees with no less than three players in the footballleague team of the week, but strangely no sign of any Addicks. But there's one here that Pards will enjoy, showing the Addicks top on current Form without a defeat in 8 games. Although we now have a settled team the table on players used illustrates our early season new-squad-itis and lists us up there amongst the leaders with 24 players used this season. Meanwhile, our next weeks opponents, Wolves, despite having no less than 14 midfielders on their books, have only used a total of 19.
As for the attendances table, there're enough to make a Spanish Second Division manager weep into his half-time té, with 8 teams averaging over 20,000 a game. We're in 5th spot with an average of 21,945 per game.
But one stat that will shock everybody and make November 10th a day to fear, is the appearance of a ex-player at the top of the shoots-on-target table. Andy Reid, apparently, has hit the woodwork 3 times, more than anyone else as noticed by Richard Murray, and has had the most shots for an Addick, although, sorry Reidie, most were off-target. So who is it with the highest shoots-on-target - why, its our old friend, JF Hasselbaink with 24 on target, although true to form only 3 have actually gone in.
But there's more stats over at actim and there's no surprises here where the little irish fella is streets ahead of the opposition, in the midfield anyway. And although there's no Addicks in the top 5 strikers, there's no sign of JFH either, No surprise there then.
But to add to our delight, who's this named as top goalkeeper; Nicky Weaver, of course. And as with all statistics nothing seems to match, and the full listing seem to defer somewhat, probably due to their given date of 4th October. Anyway, to our amazement there's no sign of Jose Semedo in the top 100. Maybe they don't like them Portuguese johnnies.
So anyway it seems the question on who is the best midfielder in the fizzies is done and dusted, 'cause its all there in black and white and an odd shade of blue.
And for those that are still wondering what to do this weekend here's a useful short on youtube demonstrating the art of Dice Stacking(!) - start practising- , while those with a nervous disposition should look away now.
Apparently that innocent looking laptop of yours can kill you, as explained here. Well, it is a Mac.

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