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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Relax Chris...Anyone Can Make a Mistake

Sorry Chris,
I've just been informed by someone who wishes to remain anonymous that a mistake has been made on this blog.
The fact is we are NOT due to travel to distant Plymouth on Tuesday October 23rd just 3 days after the trip to the wilds of Wolverhampton. In fact the game on the 23rd is against Argyle, but at the Valley. At 8 o'clock I believe, but you better not take my word for it.
But don't take it the training too easy Chris, 'cause I've just noticed from the CAFC site that when we do finally make the journey to far-off distant Plymouth on April the 5th next year we are unfortunately scheduled to play two games that day as it's also the date arranged for the FA Cup Semi-Finals. Tough life or what!
Regards, Nelse

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