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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Wee One Plays, Apparently..

Rugby or football? The question has already been asked by chicagoaddick but what football is he referring too? Do we want to watch the cream of English football play Estonia in the afternoon, the locals Spain play Denmark in the evening, with that little rascal Rommedahl apparently playing on the wing, or do we nip up the Shamrock to get a look at the wee irish fella with the ex-swollen ankle? With both Mrs Nelson and the dog both needing attention, it's a one from three choice and looks like the rugby is out.
Yes, seems the wee one has got over his premature swelling as realised by just about everyone except Pards with the sportinglife telling us he enjoyed full training yesterday while the beeb reports that fluid around the ankle could still be the problem.
The telegraph also thinks the wee one is going to play and lists Reid in the starting lineup and reports Stevie S in belligerent mood by claiming that the Germans recently "had made derogatory remarks about all things Irish". Doesn't everyone, Stevie? And since when did you ever see a German drinking Guinness?
Looks a bit like Staunton is seeking to deflect blame for Irish non-qualification for he it was that omitted the wee one from the game against Slovakia in Bratislava at the beginning of September where the Irish managed to throw away victory through allowing a late equaliser in a 2-2 draw. Sounds a bit familar.
Anyway, the irishtimes, are under no illusions about the visit of non-Guinness drinking Germany to Croke Park, but strangely compare the great wee one to Grannygate Stephen Ireland and add that in his absence "Reid could hold the creative key".
So, sounds like I can hear the Guinness calling.

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Chicago Addick said...

I meant England and its overpaid prima-donna's but I gave it a miss. Would rather have watched the ROI or the Scotland game to be honest!