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Monday, October 29, 2007

Time For a Therry....

Ah, shit. Just when you think things can't be any worse, its Monday bloody morning.
But while we edge our way slowly through the morning traffic, we should spare a thought for the drama unfolding over at the Training Ground. Pards has, of course, the onerous task of convincing the boys that they're not really so inept and useless but that really they just had a bad day at the office. It can happen to anyone. Now they've got to forget all about it and as they say, move on.
He'll take the tack of slowly explaining things that went wrong, show them the video to illustrate the points and, of course, to deflect any nasty back-biting, he'll come clean and admit to everyone, cue red face from Jose, that he shouldn't have pulled off a defender of Semedo's calibre when he did. And he'll no doubt point to QPR's recent run under their new caretaker manager and remind everyone that QPR obviously needed the win more than we did.
But behind all the sweet talk and enthusiastic encouragement, his brain will be in overdrive, planning and devising changes and slight amendments for the game at Southampton on Saturday and no doubt thankful that the game is away from home. And to assist him with the unpleasantries, we can only remind him of what he said a couple of years ago at the Hamsters after a similar pointless run, "The pressure on me and on the team is increasing, and it doesn't make it comfortable. I will look in my team to find who will be up for the challenge"
In times like this it's usually the old experienced hands that are called upon. Bit of a problem there then as with all these youngsters about the only appropriate oldie we're got, Matty Holland, is out injured and we don't even have a Brian Hughes to push into the fray.....Blessings often come in small parcels so they say.
So, in anticipation of a little head-scratching, we'd like to do our little bit and put forward some advice although with so much on his plate at the moment probably the last thing that he'll be wanting is advice from the likes of us.
But then again that's what we do isn't it, like it or not. But not wishing to act the clever dick, and heap praise upon myself, no, I'll leave it to someone more capable than me of providing the answer. Yes, there's one person one there who has inevitably hit the nail on the proverbial head and its full marks to Mrs North Downs who put it in a nutshell - we're just too damned slow.
You can call it too elaborate if you like but with our highly technical team passing has become the be all and end all and speed of movement has gone out the window. We're a bit like Barcelona but without the skills of Messi and co. They do exactly what we do so well - they tap it about endlessly across the back, boring everyone rigid but just when the opposition is lulled into sleep, bang bang, a sprint into space, a ball over the top and its 1-0 before you can blink.
We're OK with the tap, tap but, as Mrs North Downs so eloquently put it, it's the sudden sprint into space that's sadly missing.
So to unveil the Master Plan, it's suggested that ZiZi is not best used in midfield and should be pushed forward. He's got three goals already, one more than Varney and before coming to Charlton he got 29 goals in 44 starts for the Chinese side Shandong Luneng, not to mention his 10 goals for China in 39 games. Go on Pards, ask him how he managed to score so many, then wheel out the Barca videos showing the runs of Iniesta into space and get ZiZi to do just that.
And with the forthcoming change to a 4-5-1 formation to prevent further embarrassment he'll be ideal to play behind Iwelumo. Out goes Luke V and in comes 23 year old Therry for his first fizzy start.
A gamble? Perhaps, but it's plain that something needs changing around here, you've only got to ask Mrs North Downs.


charlton north-downs said...

Hi Nelson
Managers live and die by their decisions and Pardew gambled big-time by taking off Semedo and lost. QPR were slick(only Mrs CND could say that and get away with it)in the second half, but that was due to suddenly having acres of space and being unchallenged by any Charlton midfielder. Time now for the management to earn their dosh.
Suffering from Monday morning blues-you bet I am.

Regards CND

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